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The Truth Will Never Set You Free

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You know not your enemy
No faith in anything you see.
This is where you start to get away with it
Or away from it

Two complete and polar opposite entities
it is what it is and what It’s meant to be.
Over and over again and again without fail
Forever the hammer and the nail

Tried Denied Coming Back For More

Died Inside Rotten to the Core

IF you can have your cake and eat it too
why the fuck don’t you
Or maybe you just need to see it.
Does it hit a nerve?
Or do you just get what you deserve

Are you living in a Cult of Virtue?
Hiding behind another name.
You spend your whole life running from the way you feel
Why can’t you just admit that it’s all fucking real.

Show Your Face It’s No Disgrace
It’s so Easy to justify
It will never end So easy to pretend….WHY?
When it’s easier just to live a lie CAUSE

It’s a harsh reality
The Truth Will Never Set You Free

This is the fate you choose
When it seems there is nothing left to lose
Just admit your afraid
Wishing Today was Yesterday

The power is in control
So give into temptation
Again and again and again
But don’t give them a reason
Most things are better left unsaid

164 location 5
Outside Inside Still Coming Back For More
UpSide Downslide Be careful what you wish for.

Do You know who you are
Do you know who you wanna be

Is this where it all ends
Or is this where it all begins
To unfold take hold
Made amends
Or just pretend
You cannot run
You cannot hide
You’ve tried.

It will never die
So easy to justify.
When it’s easier just to live a lie

It’s A Harsh reality
The Truth Will Never Set You Free.