Every day as a child subjected to their schools
And what they think is right…and ONLY what they want you to know
Standing in line like a good soldier
I pledge allegence to what?? Bought and sold leaders
Bottom feeders false phophets, but they ain’t non-profit
Nationalistic slave owners, the cops, the judges…one pig lies and the other one swears to it
Hypochristian adgenda, so called patriots, the walking dead, the wounded, the voiceless
Home of the brave land of the free???Well I’m pretty sure that don’t apply to me
Nowhere to run to no one to turn to, nowhere to hide
Who can you trust ashes to ashes shake my head in disgust

American lies thru American eyes all I want to know is the truth
Underneath the surface, way beyond the words they say, I got to know how it got this way
American lies thru American eyes don’t tell me what you think I want to hear
I won’t lie to you but I see right thru you maybe the truth really is crystal clear

Into the river of darkness beyond the valley of fear
Into a place that they would call hell somewhere I know so well
Look in the eyes of a stranger then watch him turn his back on you
He take your heart he takes your soul has what he wants he takes control
American lies thru American eyes I don’t believe a word they say
Way down deep inside is where the truth lies I see right thru the disguise
American lies thru American eyes it’s sad but the story need told
Right wing left wing it’s all the f—king same thing the truth has been bought and sold